"Road-Trip Wins"

The camera captures a medium full shot of a customer getting gas at an ARCO station. Upbeat music plays in the background.

The camera slowly zooms in as a voice speaks to the surprised customer from above.

VOICE ON SCREEN: Oh, taking the win with Quality TOP TIER™ gas for less? Excellent choice, of course.

Cut to a medium close-up shot of the customer pumping gas as they point to themselves in puzzlement. They slowly realize the voice is coming from the pump.



Cut to a close-up of the customer, who smiles with relief.

>VOICE ON SCREEN: This road trip is very well planned.

CUSTOMER 1: Yeah, I made a spreadsheet.

Cut to a medium shot of the customer pumping gas and nodding with pride.

VOICE ON SCREEN: Wow, that's...thorough.

Cut to a full shot from behind the customer as they continue to pump gas.

VOICE ON SCREEN: Oh, look, snacks! Huge win!

Cut to view of Customer 1 turning around from the car to discover Customer 2 walking out, excitedly carrying an armload of snacks from inside.

CUSTOMER 2: I could not choose.

VOICE ON SCREEN: Still a choice, and a good one. I hope you got Corn Nuts.

Cut to a close-up of Customer 1, speaking dreamily. The music stops abruptly.

CUSTOMER 1: I love Corn Nuts.

Cut to full shot of the ARCO station as their car begins to drive.

VOICE ON SCREEN: Yeah, we do.

Cut to a medium close-up shot of the two customers in their car, bobbing their heads to the upbeat music. They drive away from the gas station with their snacks.

Cut to red and blue gradient screen with ARCO logo.

VO: Take the win with Quality TOP TIER™ gas for less at ARCO.

On-screen text displays: