The camera captures a wide shot of the ARCO station.

Cut to the inside of a car with Hanna, the friendly dashboard hula girl, standing next to Piggy, the piggy bank.

HANNA: Hiya! It's Hanna. And saving on quality gas at ARCO is my favorite thing to do.

Cut to a close-up shot of Hanna holding a mallet.

HANNA: How much money have we saved?

The camera zooms out to focus on Hanna. A worried Piggy is in the foreground.

HANNA: Let's find out.

Cut to a close-up of Piggy with Hanna and the mallet blurred in the foreground. A ticking-timer sound plays as he awaits his fate.

Cut to an extreme close-up of Piggy. Tense music plays.

Cut to a close-up of Hanna.

The camera zooms in on Piggy, growing more worried.

The camera zooms in on Hanna's mallet.

A feeling of suspense grows as the screen goes black. There's the sound of loose change cascading across the dashboard.

Cut to a medium full shot of Piggy looking shocked but intact, surrounded by coins.

The camera zooms out to a medium shot of Hanna.

Hanna: You didn't think I was going to . . .

The camera zooms out to a full shot of Hanna and Piggy on the dashboard. He looks relieved.

HANNA: There's a stopper on the bottom.

Cut to a medium close-up of Hanna.

HANNA: Oh, Piggy. With ARCO, you never have to break the bank.

Cut to gray screen with ARCO logo.

VO: ARCO. Quality TOP TIERâ„¢ gas for less.

On-screen text displays: